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How an integrated hardware and software approach can simplify the development and deployment of robotics applications

The world is quickly changing for modern warehouses. E-commerce companies, retailers, hospitals, and other third-party logistics businesses view autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) as a critical technology to rein in high labor costs and increase throughput to reduce fulfillment time. Factory owners and managers want quick AMRs that are easy to deploy with the ability to [...]

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Texas SH130 – The Intelligent, Autonomous, and Electrified Corridor

SH130 with be the first Intelligent, Autonomous, and Electrified Corridor in the Nation. The Autonomy Institute is collaborating with Texas cities and agencies on the 90-mile Texas SH130 corridor that will become the first in the nation. This intelligent corridor will support automated freight and delivery; intelligent and autonomous vehicles; and advanced services to communities [...]

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