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Establishing an “All-Up” Autonomy Program in the United States The Autonomy Association is establishing an “All-Up” Autonomy program within the United States. We are recruiting key leadership within government, industry, academia, and finance to collaborate and drive Intelligent & Autonomous Infrastructure and Systems.  Autonomy Requires Digital Infrastructure. Investment in a 21st-century Intelligent & Autonomous [...]

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Texas SH130 – The Intelligent, Autonomous, and Electrified Corridor

SH130 with be the first Intelligent, Autonomous, and Electrified Corridor in the Nation. The Autonomy Institute is collaborating with Texas cities and agencies on the 90-mile Texas SH130 corridor that will become the first in the nation. This intelligent corridor will support automated freight and delivery; intelligent and autonomous vehicles; and advanced services to communities [...]

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BMW hops on Toyota’s hydrogen bandwagon with fuel cell powertrain

It appears clear at this stage that while most of the developed world is moving toward battery-electric vehicles, Japan and South Korea are pushing hard for hydrogen, which will allow them to import energy from around the world in a green delivery format, however, it might have to be created offshore. The idea of an [...]

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DJI announces end of production, life cycle status for some Enterprise products

Some important news for those owning DJI Enterprise products: The company has announced life cycle status for its line, which includes some products reaching the end of the line. DJI’s Enterprise line has found a steady client base ever since it began its more industrial line of drones. The Enterprise series has enjoyed widespread adoption [...]

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Aeronautical Knowledge and Safety Test Updates

The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) The FAA's 2018 Reauthorization Bill (PDF) introduced new requirements for recreational drone pilots (see P.L. 115-254, Section 349 (PDF) – exception for limited recreational operations of unmanned aircraft). The law requires all recreational flyers pass an aeronautical knowledge and safety test and carry proof of passage when flying. [...]

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Seattle-based MicaSense, makers of sensor equipment for drones, acquired for $23M

MicaSense, the Seattle-based makers of sensor equipment for drones used by the agriculture industry, has been acquired by Wichita, Kan.-based AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc., a leader in commercial drone technology and services. AgEagle announced Wednesday that it was acquiring MicaSense from Paris-based Parrot, a leading European drone-industry group, in a combined cash and stock transaction valued [...]

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Watch a Drone Take Over a Nearby Smart TV

For all the focus on locking down laptops and smartphones, the biggest screen in millions of living rooms remains largely unsecured, even after years of warnings. Smart TVs today can fall prey to any number of hacker tricks—including one still-viable radio attack, stylishly demonstrated by a hovering drone. At the Defcon hacker conference Sunday, independent [...]

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Police Drones Are Starting to Think for Themselves

In one Southern California city, flying drones with artificial intelligence are aiding investigations while presenting new civil rights questions. CHULA VISTA, Calif. — When the Chula Vista police receive a 911 call, they can dispatch a flying drone with the press of a button. On a recent afternoon, from a launchpad on the [...]

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Boeing Autonomous Jets Fly in Packs, Doom Approaches

If you’ve been following the developments in this field then you are aware that Boeing Australia is working on something it calls Airpower Teaming System (BATS). One major part of BATS is the Loyal Wingman aircraft whose production is about to begin in Queensland; another are the “high-performance surrogate jets” we have here. The Loyal Wingman [...]

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