The Autonomy Association

Headquartered at NASA Ames Research Center

Headquartered at NASA Ames Research Center, we actively provide members and Government stakeholders unbiased and actionable results driving assurance and adoption for autonomous technologies.  The membership is focused on innovation, education and workforce development in the fields of robotics, uncrewed systems and STEM education.

Our members compise the largest group of inventors & innovators in the world dedicated to promoting workforce development, unbiased programming & STEM education through community engagement, technology innovation and data. Robots that fly, drive & swim.

AAI stands ready to continue collaborating with federal agencies as the leading voice on behalf of companies and individuals working in the unmanned systems space, and toward a future transportation ecosystem strengthened by the increased safe integration of these technologies.

Connect with us!

Please contact Jenny Deeds, Communications Director and Board Member, for more information about the association at 866-266-3356.