‘Flying Car’ Training Simulator Coming to Springfield Airport

Air Force research into flying cars is taking root in the Dayton- Springfield area in a new way, with a groundbreaking for an "advanced urban air mobility technology simulator" facility set for Thursday at Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport. Designed to be used by BETA Technologies and Joby Aviation, two pioneer businesses in the field of electric [...]

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Boeing Autonomous Jets Fly in Packs, Doom Approaches

If you’ve been following the developments in this field then you are aware that Boeing Australia is working on something it calls Airpower Teaming System (BATS). One major part of BATS is the Loyal Wingman aircraft whose production is about to begin in Queensland; another are the “high-performance surrogate jets” we have here. The Loyal Wingman [...]

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Counter UAS – The Next Frontier

Epirus, a venture-backed startup offering a counter-drone capability, announced Thursday it raised $70 million to speed its technology to market. The round was led by San Francisco, California-based Bedrock Capital, and brings the 2-year-old company’s total capital raised to roughly $80 million. The news comes six months after Epirus inked a strategic supplier agreement with [...]

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DroneUp’s Waiver for Flight Over People is a Major Step for Drone Delivery

Drone services company DroneUp has been approved for an industry-first FAA Waiver for flight over people and moving vehicles to support drone delivery of COVID-19 test kits anywhere in the U.S. Scaling drone delivery throughout the country will require flight over people and moving vehicles, something that U.S. drone regulations currently prohibit without a [...]

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Amazon and T-Mobile will help the FAA design Remote ID drone tracking system

Amazon and T-Mobile are among eight companies selected to help the Federal Aviation Administration establish technical requirements for Remote ID, a protocol that drones will be required to follow for broadcasting identification and location data while in flight. The other companies include Airbus, AirMap, Intel, OneSky, Skyward and Alphabet’s drone subsidiary, Wing. “The FAA will [...]

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Going On Vacation? Drone Operators Face New FAA Regs & Restrictions Like These from Nantucket…

Drone operators face new FAA regs, restrictions Anyone planning to take aerial photographs of Nantucket with a drone this summer will need a special license and permission in advance if they want to fly the remotely-operated devices legally. The Federal Aviation Administration announced last week that no drones can be flown [...]

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Dinner Delayed: Uber Delivery Drones Face Rules for Planes

San Diego, it will be a while until you can pay for burritos delivered by drone. Uber first has to get permission from federal regulators not to train flight attendants — for 50-pound, unmanned vehicles. Because federal laws consider drones aircraft, delivery operators such as Uber Eats and Amazon Air are being put through the same safety and economic [...]

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