NUAIR Leads the Way for Safe Drone Operations Over People: Workhorse and AVSS Collaboration

NUAIR and New York UAS Test Site are demonstrating a path for safe drone operations over people: the newest collaboration with Workhorse and Aerial Vehicle Safety Solutions (AVSS) is the 5th drone parachute validation for NUAIR, enabling scalable and economically viable advanced unmanned aircraft operations. FAA regulations for drone operations over people call for operators [...]

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OSU students design and build innovative engine for drones

Joshua Johnsen and his team of fellow aerospace engineering students are relatively new to the world of drone design, but their collaboration has produced engine technology that could eventually power drones and other aircraft. The team from Oklahoma State University designed and built a turbo-electric drone engine as part of a program sponsored by the [...]

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Despite rain, Kroger launches historic first commercial drone flight

Never mind the rain. The Kroger Co. took flight with its first retail drone delivery Wednesday morning in Centerville, flying a box containing two packages of long-grain rice to Centerville Mayor Brooks Compton on the front lawn of city offices on West Spring Valley Pike. Also delivered with the rice — a piece [...]

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The Incredible Shrinking LiDAR

The term LiDAR comes originally from the mixture of the words light and radar, although it also responds to acronyms such as light detection and ranging or laser imaging, detection, and ranging, or sometimes replaced by the term 3D laser scanning. Basically, we are talking about a method using terrestrial, aerial and mobile applications to [...]

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Drone Delivery – Wing Seeks FAA Approval to Expand US Drone Operations

Wing has asked the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to waive some drone rules, a move that would allow it expand operations beyond a small city in Virginia, the FAA said in a notice. “Wing is now seeking to expand and improve upon these operations to serve additional communities,” Wing said in asking the FAA for [...]

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Remote GeoSystems Awarded Patent for Essential Geospatial Full Motion “Video Geo-editing” Technology 10 March 2021

FORT COLLINS, Colorado, USA, – Remote GeoSystems, Inc., a global provider of immersive geospatial full motion video and survey data mapping software and recorder solutions, is pleased to announce the award of US Patent Number 10,893,287 on January 12, 2021 for essential elements of “video geo-editing” technology capabilities. The patent covers map-based GPS data and [...]

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Seattle-based MicaSense, makers of sensor equipment for drones, acquired for $23M

MicaSense, the Seattle-based makers of sensor equipment for drones used by the agriculture industry, has been acquired by Wichita, Kan.-based AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc., a leader in commercial drone technology and services. AgEagle announced Wednesday that it was acquiring MicaSense from Paris-based Parrot, a leading European drone-industry group, in a combined cash and stock transaction valued [...]

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New FAA Drone Rules Clear the Path for Use in Development and Construction

As was recently reported in Robinson+Cole’s Data Privacy + Cybersecurity Insider, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued two Final Rules for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), i.e., drones: (1) requiring Remote Identification (Remote ID Rule), and (2) authorizing small UAS (weighing less than 55 pounds) to fly over people and at night under certain conditions (Operations Over [...]

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Using drones to create local quantum networks

A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in China has used drones to create a prototype of a small airborne quantum network. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, the researchers describe sending entangled particles from one drone to another and from a drone to the ground. Computer scientists, physicists and [...]

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