J.D. Power: EV consideration in US is up but skepticism still exists

Auto shoppers in America are more likely than ever before to consider buying a fully electric vehicle (EV), and new EV entries are responsible for much of the added consideration. These new entries, many from long-established vehicle manufacturers, are turning EV skeptics into likely EV considerers, according to the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Electric Vehicle [...]

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Rice flash Joule heating process recycles plastic from end-of-life F-150 trucks into high-value graphene for new vehicles

Rice University chemists working with researchers at the Ford Motor Company are turning plastic parts from end-of-life vehicles into graphene via the university’s flash Joule heating process (earlier post). The Rice lab of chemist James Tour introduced flash Joule heating in 2020 to convert coal, petroleum coke and trash into graphene. The lab has since [...]

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ENC (ElDorado National) Axess Battery Electric Bus passes Altoona BRTC testing

ElDorado National (California) or ENC, a subsidiary of REV Group, announced that its Axess Battery Electric Bus (BEB) successfully passed testing conducted by the Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center (BRTC). The extensive testing looked at maintainability, reliability, safety, brake performance, structural integrity and durability, fuel/energy economy, noise, and emissions. The Axess BEB test results [...]

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BMW Group creates closed recycling loop for high-voltage batteries in China

The BMW Brilliance Automotive joint venture (BBA) has established a closed loop for reuse of the raw materials nickel, lithium and cobalt from high-voltage batteries that are no longer suitable for use in electric vehicles. The batteries come from fully and partially-electric development vehicles, test systems and production rejects and, in the future, also from [...]

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Parkopedia and Uproad partner to enable in-car tolling payments for US drivers

Parkopedia, a leading connected vehicles services provider, and Uproad, a leading mobile tolling payment system, announced the integration of their platforms, automating the toll payment process for millions of drivers in the US. US drivers complete nearly 6 billion journeys along the country’s nearly 9,500km of toll roads, bridges and tunnels every year, according to [...]

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Glencore to pay >$1.1B to resolve government’s investigation into bribery and commodity and price manipulation

Glencore International pled guilty in the Southern District of New York to violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). In addition, as part of a separate resolution, Glencore Ltd., pled guilty in the District of Connecticut to a commodity price manipulation conspiracy. Together, Glencore and Glencore Ltd., both part of the multi-national commodity trading [...]

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LanzaTech, Danone develop method to convert carbon emissions directly into MEG, a key building block for PET

A consortium, including LanzaTech and Danone, has developed a new route to monoethylene glycol, (MEG), which is a key building block for polyethylene terephthalate, (PET), resin, fibers and bottles. The technology converts carbon emissions from steel mills or gasified waste biomass directly into MEG. The carbon capture technology uses a proprietary engineered bacterium to convert [...]

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EIA: California drought will decrease hydropower, increase natural gas use and CO2 emissions

The extended drought in California could cut the state’s summer electricity generation from hydropower nearly in half compared with normal precipitation conditions, according to an analysis by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). EIA’s analysis indicates that hydropower would produce 8% of California’s electricity generation in a drought year, compared with 15% under normal precipitation [...]

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