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Archer Receives Special Airworthiness Certificate for its Maker eVTOL Aircraft Following Successful FAA Inspection

Archer Aviation Inc. (NYSE: ACHR) today announced it has received a Special Airworthiness Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) covering its Maker demonstrator aircraft. The Special Airworthiness Certificate authorizes Archer to begin flight testing its electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) Maker aircraft. Having cleared this final threshold to begin off-ground operations, Archer remains [...]

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Jetpacks, flying cars and taxi drones: transport’s future is in the skies

Paramedics with jetpacks, border police in flying cars and city workers commuting by drone all sound like science fiction - but the concepts are part of a advanced air mobility (AAM) market that is expected to be worth as much as $17 billion by 2025. As urbanisation leaves city streets congested and advances in technology [...]

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Volocopter FlightSim – Learn to fly the future today!

Volocopter, the pioneer of urban air mobility (UAM), showcased its 100% electric VoloCity air taxi today at CoMotion LA, the three-day conference that is bringing together global leaders in emerging mobility. Those attending CoMotion LA can interact with the aircraft up close and learn how UAM can improve city life around the world. One important success factor for [...]

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F1-Inspired eVTOL Aims to Transform the Future of Air Mobility in Brazil

While flying cars are not a thing yet, eVTOLs seek to turn that vision into a reality. There’s still a long way to go until we’ll see a fully developed infrastructure for air taxis, but some of the busiest cities around the world are already taking big steps to expand urban mobility and take it [...]

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Airbus Unveils Latest Flying Taxi Concept

From September 21 to 22, 2021, Airbus held a summit that focused on the emergence of a sustainable aerospace industry. On the first day of the event, the airplane maker unveiled its new vision for the CityAirbus, Airbus's electric, fixed-wing aircraft suited for the emerging urban air mobility (UAM) market — think flying taxis. With [...]

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Volocopter Joins Osaka Roundtable to Bring UAM to Japan

Volocopter, the pioneer of urban air mobility (UAM), has joined the Osaka Roundtable, an institution eager to bring UAM to one of the busiest cities in Asia. As part of the engagement, the German eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) developer also committed to fly during the Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai. Together with long-term partner [...]

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Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer XPeng, has raised $500 million.

HT Aero, an urban air mobility (UAM) company backed by Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer XPeng, has raised $500 million. IDG Capital, 5Y Capital and XPeng Inc. led the Series A round - the largest single-tranche fundraising to date in Asia’s low-altitude flying vehicle sector - with participation from Sequoia China, Eastern Bell Capital, GGV Capital, [...]

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Vertical & Heathrow to collaborate on future of urban air mobility

Vertical Aerospace ("Vertical"), the global aerospace and technology company that is pioneering zero-emissions aviation, today announces a collaboration with Heathrow Airport to explore how Vertical's VA-X4 electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle could operate from Heathrow by the mid-2020s. The agreement between Heathrow and Vertical is a significant milestone for Britain's zero-emissions aviation industry. [...]

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Volocopter will test Embraer’s competitive flying cars in Japan

German company Volocopter, one of the world’s leading companies that develops flying cars or EVTOL (electrically powered vertical take-off vehicles), has confirmed that it will test its models in Japan, including There are bold plans to implement infrastructure for urban air mobility (UAM). ). According to the manufacturer, the idea is to start appraisal and [...]

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Key Considerations for Airspace Integration within an Urban Air Mobility Landscape

The UK Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) Regulatory Sandbox helps industry innovators to increase their chances of complying with future regulations. This is achieved by ensuring development activities identify the key challenges that innovation can bring in terms of safety, security and consumer protection. By working with innovators via the Regulatory Sandbox, the CAA aims to [...]

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